Cafe Malaga Ranks No. 1 in Outdoor Dining

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It is always good to have good reviews and I am really happy for all these customers who come to the restaurant and enjoy !!!!  Thanks for making  us being a small portion of your  free time. Thank you all for all these good reviews and hope to continue giving you a memorable experience each time that you come to eat my cuisine.

I will also want to thank my staff, without them we won´t be able to cook these goodies. You are awesome.

More Pics

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Cured Salmon & Dill aioli

Shrimp Gomera with Mojo Picon

Shrimp Gomera with Mojo Picon













Pan con Tomate & Arberquinas

Patatas Bravas with Brava sauce & Wasabi Aioli













Chicken & bacon & chorizo Croquettes

Gazpacho & Picadillo













Sautee Spinach with Pinenut and golden raisins & Balsamic caramel

Beef Piquillos with Manchego sauce

Plates from the New Menu

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Quail Lolly pops wiyh romesco and Mojo verde

Escalivada & white anchovies

Cafe Málaga

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After a long and intense summer in Alaska, last september I decided to take the position of Executive Chef for a spanish restaurant in Mckinney, Texas. The last 4 months have been really intense as well but this sacrifice has been really worth it. Being spanish and cooking the food which i have been seeing and eating since I was a child plus all the knowledge, training and experience that I have been learning the last 11 years, from the culinary school to the MBA and certifications and the most important thing working hard for extremely good chefs, has helped me a lot to offer all the costumers a real spanish culinary experience.

That won´t be possible without the trust and input that Annie Stokes has been giving me since the beginning. Always 2 work better than one and she in the front of the house and my team and myself in the back work day by day harder to make Cafe Malaga the best and real spanish restaurant in Texas.


Barnacles or Percebes

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Last morning as soon as I woke up and got in to the lodge ,D without even telling me good morning stopped me and told me…… hey Mikel I need to show you something that I saw last night on a piece of wood sitting on the beach during a low tide. She took her camera and talking really fast she was telling me that these criters were like monster and that they were moving. She brought her camera in a hurry and shown me the picture. Do you know what is that? I looked at the picture and after a few secnds I told her……. These things are barnacles, they are not like the ones that we have in Spain but but I am sure that they are barnacles.

As soon as she told me that I took a paring knife and went straight to the beach. Yeah!!!!!!!!! Chef Anthony Bombacci just asked me a month ago if I have had the opportunity of getting some barnacles here in Alaska.

I can tell you right know that yes Chef. Are not the same as the Galician ones but the have a really good flavor.

Blueberries and Salmon berries

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Bears are coming by the lodge……………… it means that the blueberries are already right. Everywhere you go trough the forest you find a blueberry bush. Some of them are already right for eating and the ones that the sun does not  arrive are still a little bit sour.

I have never seen salmon berries before. They are really pretty and tasty. They are not as many as blueberries but I have the privilege of harvesting quite a few everyday.

Pork Belly

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2 weeks ago I have promessed a guest that I will publish this recipe for him. I believe that i told him that I will do it last friday. sorry for the delay but……… here is the excuse. Enjoy it!!!


For the Brine:

½ cup of Kosher salt.

½ cup of sugar

4 ½ cups of water, divided.

½ cup of reduced chicken broth.

1.5 Kg of skinless boneless pork belly.

10 juniper corns.

5 black pepper corns.


1-Stir together kosher salt, sugar and 4 cups of water until get well dissolved.

2- Place the pork belly in a vacuum pack bag with the brine apply presure in the machine at 99% and let it rest for 24 hours.

3-Preheat the oven 300 ºF.

4-Place the pork in a square oven tray with the brine and the remaining water, cover with foil paper and cook it for 2 and a half hours.

5- Cool down the pork and save it in the cooler with presure in the top for 24 hours.

6- Cut it in perfect squares and reserved.

7- In a pan medium fire, cook the skin until get golden brown. Turn it and cook all the sides until gets perfectly colored.

Alaskan King Bolet ; Boletus Edulis

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It´s been a while since I have founded a little bit of time to publish something again. Days have been really busy lately and after all these hours of work there is not a lot of extra energy and the one that I have had I just dedicated it to walk all over the trials looking for Ceps, called also Porcini in Italy and Hongos in Spain. They are amazing……….. I have never expected that I will be able to find such a big delicatessen but here they are and after trying to buy them in texas for a long time I am right now able to eat them until I get bored that woñ´t ever happen.

Oxtail with coliflower Puree and braising Liquid

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It is probably one of my favourites plates. Even people that do not like it would eat it……………….


4 kg of beef oxtail

150 grams of flour

150 grams of carrots

150 grams of leeks

300 grams of onion

200 gams of grated tomatoes.

3 liters of reduced veal stock

1,5 liters of red wine.

1 liter of strawberries juice.

10 grams of pepper corns.

5 grams of juniber corns.

1 garlic head.

2 thyme springs

500 ml of extra virgin olive oil


1- Season the oxtail cuts with salt and ppeper and cover them with flour making sure that they do not have an excess of flour.

2- Mark them in a rondoux with the extra virgin olive oil until get golden by the two sides and reserve them.

3-Strain the olive oil and cook the  ” bresa “; first the onion until get transparent and the leeks and the carrots after that.

4- Preheat the oven 180ºC.ç

5- In an oven tray place the oxtail and the bresa and soak with the veal stock; the red wine and the strawberries juice.

6- Add the spices and herbs and cover the tray with foil paper.

7- Cook it for 3 hours turning the sides each 45 minutes.

8- Pull out the foil paper and cook i for another 30 minutes.

9- Place out all the oxtail cuts; strain all the braising and reserve it. Save a little bit of the non reduced braising to wet it for heating it up.

10- Before serving reduce the braisng liquid until gets desire texture and paint it when plating.

Gato; an almond cake without flour……. Gluten Free

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One of the things that I love and hate at work are the restrictions in the menus. I love them because they make you study and improve recipes for guest that for different reasons can not it some products. I use to hate them as well because like Murphi´s law always happen when the house is full and I am extremely busy.

Any ways thanks to Montse from Barcelona and her blog MivacaPaca I discovered a recipe that helped me a lot to make a good dessert for a celiac. Thanks a lot Montse and sorry for making it in my way.