Halibut ceviche with a shallots and tomatoes compote

Ingredientes: 4 pax:

500 grames of fresh halibut lenter loin.

For the Marinade;

250 ml of lime juice.

4 lime zest microplaned.

1 jalapeño.

1 tsbp of fresh grounded pepper.

1 tsbp of sea salt.

For the tomato compote:

250 grams of 6/6 tomatoes for salad.

125 grams of shallots.

20 ml of extra virgin olive oil,

1 tsp aof cilantro fine chopped.


1- Dice all the halibut loin in perfect microcubes; seasen it with the salt and the grounded pepper and reserve.

2- Place all the ingredients of the marinade together and add to the halibut 30 minutes before being served.

For the compote:

1- Blanch the tomatoes; peel them and place out all the seeds and dice them microbrunoise.

2- Cut the shallots microbrunoise as well and mix with the tomatoes.

3- Place the olive oil and reserve.

~ by MIkel de Luis on June 21, 2010.

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