Looking for Mushrooms in my day Off

Last night I went to bed earlier than ever. After a few days non stop finally my day off arrived. I woke up early and after breakfast I went to my secret point. The cell phone beach. Is the one and the only place that I am able to have signal in my cell phone. Today was my mother´s birthday and after I called her to Spain  and I decided to read a few chapters of my new book; Cod, by Mark kurlansky. Nobody can break the silence here and time when you are in your day off goes extremely fast.

When I was walking back to the lodge I started to see different mushrooms and after that I saw wich one was the plan of the day after lunch…………… try to find some mushrooms.

I left the Lodge at 1.00 pm and did not come back until 5.oo pm. The afternoon was amazing. I felt like when my grather used to take all the grandchildren to an adventure day at the mountain. I was alone again nobody disturbing and just the sound of the last drops of water falling down from the trees and the sound of the eagles screaming at the nest.

I came back with so many different types of mushrooms…………. just three types are edible. We will see that tomorrow if they pass the spore test

~ by MIkel de Luis on June 21, 2010.

One Response to “Looking for Mushrooms in my day Off”

  1. Muy bien Mikel. HAs mejorado el idioma un montón. Estás hecho un crac hermanito! Muxus. Tebi

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