Cheese cake Panna Cotta with Streussel earth and cocoa gelee

About 10 days ago there were 2 fantastic couples from Australia at the lodge that were fascinated with this recipe. Laurie, this recipe is for you. Thanks a lot for valorate my work.


1800 grams of philadelphia cheese.

900 grams of mascapone cheese.

800 grams of ricotta cheese.

1400 grams of sugar

240 grams of egg yolks.

14 ml of vanilla extract.

4 orange zest.

4 lemon juice.

2lt of heavy cream.

33 gelatin leaves.


1-Place the 3 cheeses in the robocup until get smooth.

2-Put the gelatin leaves in iced water.

3-Heat up the heavy cream with the sugar until get 60 Cº.

4-Add the gelatin leaves to the heavy cream and strain it.

5-Mix the cheeses and the cream using a hand blender continuosly.

6-Pour onto the egg yolks and add the orange zest without stop blenfing.

7. Add the lemon juice and the vanilla extract.

8-Dress an oven tray  with parchment paper and pour all the cheesecake. Let it room temperature until get harder.

9- Freeze it half the way and cut in the pieces that you desire.

~ by MIkel de Luis on June 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Cheese cake Panna Cotta with Streussel earth and cocoa gelee”

  1. Hola!! que alguien con un blog como este .. diga que irá visitando el mio, es todo un lujo … haces cosas increibles… Felicidades!!

  2. Melting just thinking about it! It looks more than tempting! Well done big brother! Muxus campeón!

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