Oxtail with coliflower Puree and braising Liquid

It is probably one of my favourites plates. Even people that do not like it would eat it……………….


4 kg of beef oxtail

150 grams of flour

150 grams of carrots

150 grams of leeks

300 grams of onion

200 gams of grated tomatoes.

3 liters of reduced veal stock

1,5 liters of red wine.

1 liter of strawberries juice.

10 grams of pepper corns.

5 grams of juniber corns.

1 garlic head.

2 thyme springs

500 ml of extra virgin olive oil


1- Season the oxtail cuts with salt and ppeper and cover them with flour making sure that they do not have an excess of flour.

2- Mark them in a rondoux with the extra virgin olive oil until get golden by the two sides and reserve them.

3-Strain the olive oil and cook the  ” bresa “; first the onion until get transparent and the leeks and the carrots after that.

4- Preheat the oven 180ºC.ç

5- In an oven tray place the oxtail and the bresa and soak with the veal stock; the red wine and the strawberries juice.

6- Add the spices and herbs and cover the tray with foil paper.

7- Cook it for 3 hours turning the sides each 45 minutes.

8- Pull out the foil paper and cook i for another 30 minutes.

9- Place out all the oxtail cuts; strain all the braising and reserve it. Save a little bit of the non reduced braising to wet it for heating it up.

10- Before serving reduce the braisng liquid until gets desire texture and paint it when plating.

~ by MIkel de Luis on June 27, 2010.

One Response to “Oxtail with coliflower Puree and braising Liquid”

  1. YUMMIIEEEEE!!!! It is surely great as usual! Looks incredible!

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