Chef Mikel Trevino De Luis

Mike Trevino De Luis

Mikel Trevino De Luis

I was born in Bilbao, Spain, the Basque Country. I began working as a waiter at the age of 19 throughout many cities and islands in Spain. While living in Barcelona I worked as a Restaurant Manager for the Basque House of Barcelona, Euskal Etxea. During this time, I realized that my dream career was to be a chef and I began culinary school at Escola de Hostelatge de Barcelona, one of the leading schools in Europe.

I am very blessed and grateful to have a mother who was so supportive as I finished my Culinary degree. Since graduating, I have worked as a personal chef on a yacht sailing the Mediterranean Sea during the summers, been head chef at a restaurant in Bilbao. trained with some of the top chefs in the world in the Canary Islands, and finally moving to the United States working as a Sous Chef at a 5-star restaurant.

I continue to further my studies year by year by receiving a Masters Degree in Hospitality and Management by EADA (International School of Business) and two certifications by Sant Pol University in Advanced Technologies and with Chef Master Tony Botella in Sous Vide.

Throughout these years I have had the honor of working with renowned chefs like Jordi Aros, Maren Urdangarin, Jaume Rius, Paolo Casagrande, Martin Berasategui and  with Chef Anthony Bombacci. Thanks to all these chefs, they helped me immensely to grow into a better chef learning to work respectfully with food, partners, guests and the entire Hospitality industry. Working at great hotels like Sheraton, Ritz Carlton and Hilton have shown me that not only the private restaurants prepare the best food.

Growing up having both my mother and grandmother´s influence in cooking has helped me a lot. Our culture puts great emphasis on food and nature. These ideals have made me who I am today. I have great admiration for my grandmother. Since I was a child, going to her house in the countryside was such a pleasure. We never stepped foot in a restaurant. Her house was and still is an Eden of seasonal products, whether it was the best piece of meat or the traditional stew. And my aunt has also been such an important figure in my life. She has been the godmother that has made everything happen and still does………………

Thank you so much family for helping to shape me into the man I am today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “Chef Mikel Trevino De Luis”

  1. Mikel:
    Los duendencillos se llevaron mi incloncluso mensaje. Te decía que espero que puedas abrirte camino ahí en ese campo profesional en el que lo español (culinario) parece ser una valor en alza. Tejas está lejos, y ese estado es muy conservador, pero en cosas de comida bien podría ser que fuesen algo más atrevidos….
    Un abrazo y ya me pasarás direcciones (correos o lo que sea).


  2. Chef,
    Great web page, pretty neat in saying I work for a great chef…

  3. Dear Chef Mikel Trevino;
    It is with great pleasure I stumbled upon your web site while trying to complete an essay on my ancestor Jose Trevino a native of Biblao in Bisaye, Spain. Jose came to New Orleans in the early 1800s. He died 10 November 1828. Jose is my fourth great paternal grandfather. I always find it fascinating how food transcend the world and is a universal language that nurish the soul. The DNA of ancestors certainly transcend in generations for my love of lamb, various lettuce, and chorico. .

    It is good to know there are still Trevino’s that still exist.

    Best Wishes for Continued Success,

    Barbara Trevigne
    New Orleans, Louisiana

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