Just being grateful!!!!!

It´s been almost a couple of years since I have arrived to USA and specially to Dallas, Texas. Food habits in this part of the country are really wire and just a few people appreciate elaborate and good modern or classic plates. Wherever you go you will find all  different franchises with fast extra calories food, tex -mex, fake asian restaurants and adapted french Bistros.

My experience until right now tells me that at least a high % of the Italian restaurants are ok and most of the Steak Houses are pretty good as well. Where ever you go here your quality piece of meet is guarantee!!!!!

Finding the ideal job for my expectations was not easy at all at the beginning if you look at the market offer, my education and my skills. I asked myself a lot of questions: Should I send my resume here? Am I going to cook this kind of food?……… A lot of questions and no answers.

After sending my resume to 4 different restaurants  and lucky of me!.. having interviews with all of them I  finally  founded the perfect match. Actually was an amazing match!!!!!!!!

Working around Chef Anthony Bombaci is not just a honor it is also a privilege. He is for sure the best Chef in Dallas about Knowledge and style of cooking. He guarantees the best product and all new techniques and presentations. He is an example for all of us. Always in the line or in the office or…….or……….or………… he is everywhere from 7:00 am to ……. 1 am.

Chef, just telling you that you are a Master and probably the best Chef that I have never had. I am so proud for being part of your team. Some of us work so hard but we have a good reward………….. taking all the knowledge that you share with us. You are also guilty of spoiling us day by day…………. is not easy to find a kitchen like yours. We have all that we need to make dreams happens in a plate; circulators;dehidratators:vacuum machines; chillers:foam blenders: pasta rollers………… and not only that. There are sanitatazers in each stations different cutting boards for each product an all different kind of containers. Simply amazing.

Thanks a lot for everything Master Bombaci. It is going to be so toff finding all of that anywhere.

One Response to “Just being grateful!!!!!”

  1. solo quiero saber si eres mi amigo mikel. soy ana larrieta y te tengo perdido, me encantaria saber de ti.

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